Advancing the shipping industry – a collaborative effort between shipping companies, crews, educational institutions and technology companies

The green transition relies on collaboration, between countries, institutions, companies, and individuals. In our industry, we cannot push the responsibility to any single entity, but rather need to collectively agree to do our best to grow and evolve with a sustainable vision. Individuals are the driving force behind this change, and at RABN we want to do our part in enabling these individuals to succeed.

“Our role as we see it can be simplified to one sentence: enabling great people to do great things. Our commitment to our customers and stakeholders, as well as the quality of our services, all stems from that”, says Antti Partanen, CEO at RABN.

The industry-shaping generations should be able to set out on, and stay on, a clear career path from the very beginning. Educational institutions, shipping companies, and technology companies provide these paths. The introduction and transition from schools to workplaces needs to be organic and streamlined, to ensure that as many students as possible get the chance to set out on their career journey in our industry. Technology companies play a vital role in constantly modernizing and evolving our tools, processes and possibilities.

It is apparent that the changes happening in our industry are driven by investments, and investments always come at a cost – both time and money. It is of utmost importance that we don’t let financial decisions strangle advances. Bold commitment to change is what enables long term impact to the vitality of our environment and industry. Shipping companies are committed, our crews share our values, marine technology is taking strides forward, and in theory our educational system is top of its class.

The consensus today is that there is a disconnect between starting one’s education and starting work in the industry. What makes students drop out, and where do they end up?

Joint career path

This is a call to action, for all of us who play a role along the career path. We should set out and do our best to provide the path for any individual who wants to be a part of our industry. Collaboration between institutions and companies, with the support of countries and states, is what leads to greatness. Together we are able to form versatile career opportunities, from the very first day of school to the retirement days.

As RABN is a finnish shipping company, we are mainly viewing the situation from a domestic perspective. It is our experience that in our industry, the finnish flag is associated with quality, and we do our best to go above and beyond the expectations. We are extremely proud of our great and diverse crew, and we feel privileged to be able to provide great individuals with the means to succeed and make an impact. We are committed to advance our industry, take care of our environment, and proudly fly the finnish flag.

Now more than ever, collaboration is key. Individuals are the true drivers of change, and we need to do everything we can to enable success for them: a career path where one person can genuinely impact our industry.

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