Fueled by purpose

RABN is an independent and privately-owned modern shipping company, providing a well-equipped fleet for trading all over Baltic and also the North Sea. We exist to improve our customers’ business by delivering their cargo with our qualified and highly motivated crews, who are always ready to make an extra effort to meet your exact needs.

We are fueled by purpose. At RABN, we leave nothing halfway.

Our journey

RABN was founded in 2009 with an adventurous spirit and a visionary objective to make a difference in the field of maritime industry.

We were two captains with an ambitious mindset, who found themselves in front of a vast opportunity: to make their dreams come true. That time, it wasn’t the easiest days for the shipping industry, but Antti Partanen and Johan Liljeström decided to jump at the change and RABN – which stands for Rederi AB Nathalie – was founded.

Our company was named after our first vessel mv Nathalie, which happens to be also the very first ship in which we served together back in the days. Today, we proudly provide high-quality tonnage for our customers with a fleet of 5 units, in size ranging from 3000 to 5000 DWT (deadweight ton).

We strive to be the best possible employer for our talented crews, who are the cornerstone of our company. Our success is built on the performance and devotion of our people.

To maintain our vital and relevant status in the shipping industry, we think it takes a result-oriented attitude, perseverance and never settling. The only way is forward.

We are shipping with passion

We are a tight-knit community of modern time shipping experts. Our talented people are here for you to make sure your logistics run smooth.

Open-minded thinking

We’re here to rethink. We don’t focus on the problem, we seek solutions and opportunities instead. Broadening our horizons and thinking outside the box is what we are in for.


We take pride in our responsible and sustainable culture. We think people are our most valuable asset and we strive to support one another.


We embrace clear and open communication. We see honest dialogue as the key to a successful future.

Environmental policy

On Rederi AB Nathalie we are conscious about the influence on the environment regarding our sector of trade. We feel responsible to constantly improve our environmental performance.

On this basis the company has developed a policy along with a management system to stay in control of environmental matters. The aim of this policy is to set environmental standards for our operations in the shipping industry, and for us the minimum requisite is always to at least comply with the national and international rules and regulations. Furthermore, we aim to inspire our interactors to correspondingly devote to a more sustainable industry.

Rederi AB Nathalie is also participating in acts with local environmental devotion such as the Baltic Sea Action Group and Pidä Saaristo Siistinä. Not only do we believe in the increasing commercial value of greener transports, but we also have a genuine interest to preserve our common resources for the future.

Our policy committing to the protection of the environment:

  • Follow obligatory rules and regulations with determination and assume them as the baseline for all operations.
  • Emission reduction on all vessels by optimizing speed and (weather) routing.
  • Constantly seek for environmentally friendly substitutes starting from conventional chemicals all the way to planned hybrid technology for newbuildings.
  • Protection of different ecosystems and preservation of biodiversity through an implemented ballast water management plan on all vessels.
  • Waste sorting in order to drastically reduce mixed waste onboard vessels and thereby increase recycling. Expect adequate reception facilities and suggest improvement where facilities do not meet the standards.
  • Onboard vessels crew is trained for immediate response of emergency situations where the environment could be at risk. Vessels are equipped with oil pollution prevention plans together with sufficient equipment for early oil spill response.
  • Minimize energy consumption in all actions related to company operations. This includes even minor elements, such as employee transports or switching off illumination when not needed.

“It feels good to be appreciated. RABN has always been a bit more than just a job.”

– Einar Kotka, captain

Our fleet


LOA: 82,40 m
BEAM: 11,50 m
GT: 2163
DWT: 3086
DRAFT: 5,20 m


LOA: 87,96 m
BEAM: 12,50 m
GT: 2561
DWT: 3279
DRAFT: 5,20 m


LOA: 89,80 m
BEAM: 13,60 m
GT: 2774
DWT: 4135
DRAFT: 5,71 m


LOA: 100,27 m
BEAM: 15,30 m
GT: 3998
DWT: 5140
DRAFT: 6,50 m


LOA: 95,32 m
BEAM: 13,35 m
GT: 3164
DWT: 5019
DRAFT: 5,714 m


LOA: 88,00 m
BEAM: 14,00 m
GT: 3323
DWT: 4250
DRAFT: 5,905 m