We keep your business sailing smooth

RABN is a smart and sustainable choice for cargo transport. Our top-quality fleet and exceptionally motivated RABN crew take care of our customers’ cargo and transport it prosperously where it’s needed. We never leave anything halfway.

Tailored solutions for unique needs

We focus on finding the best solutions for our customers, no matter the need. Our aspiration is to be the most transparent, reliable, and flexible tonnage provider in the Nordics. Highly motivated crew stands as the cornerstone of our company.

Devoted crew

First-rate fleet

Flexible solutions

Our way is the sustainable way

We are flying the Finnish flag

We never settle

Ambitioned by building long-term partnerships

From the Baltic to the North sea, we help our customers to overcome their challenges and continually strive to improve our solutions for them, as we are committed to long relations.


LOA: 82,40 m
BEAM: 11,50 m
GT: 2163
DWT: 3086
DRAFT: 5,20 m


LOA: 87,96 m
BEAM: 12,50 m
GT: 2561
DWT: 3279
DRAFT: 5,20 m


LOA: 89,80 m
BEAM: 13,60 m
GT: 2774
DWT: 4135
DRAFT: 5,71 m


LOA: 100,27 m
BEAM: 15,30 m
GT: 3998
DWT: 5140
DRAFT: 6,50 m


LOA: 95,32 m
BEAM: 13,35 m
GT: 3164
DWT: 5019
DRAFT: 5,714 m


LOA: 88,00 m
BEAM: 14,00 m
GT: 3323
DWT: 4250
DRAFT: 5,905 m

We are fueled by purpose

We are a tight-knit community of modern time shipping experts. Ambitious and perseverant.

Open-minded thinking

We’re here to rethink. We don’t focus on the problem, we seek solutions and opportunities instead. Broadening our horizons and thinking outside the box is what we are in for.


We take pride in our responsible and sustainable culture. We think people are our most valuable asset and we strive to support one another.


We embrace clear and open communication. We see honest dialogue as the key to a successful future.

Meet the RABN team

A bunch of enthusiastic people equipped with a growth mindset, strong team spirit and determined attitude – that’s who we are.

Let our professionals help you

We’re here to assist you and figure out your exact needs.