World maritime day – Seafarers at the core of shipping’s future

The situation in the world, over the last almost two years, has further emphasized the importance of the individual in our community. This year’s theme of the World Maritime Day – “Seafarers at the core of shipping’s future” – got us thinking about individuals beyond the pandemic.

The actions, well-being and responsibility of individuals are important factors that affect our daily lives, our future, as well as our ability to develop and advance as responsible owners in the shipping industry. Transparency and accountability are integrated into our processes.

Crew well-being is directly connected to service quality

Despite the technical nature of the industry, the human being is at the heart of everything we do in our job. The well-being of our crew members is important to us, and we maintain it based on real wishes and needs. RABN wants to provide its customers with first-class service, and the quality of the service is directly related to people, their actions and their skills. By taking care of the person doing the work, we indirectly also ensure the satisfaction of our customers. The well-being of individuals is a fruitful driver, both for the people themselves, for our organization, as well as our customers.

We want to set an example and build a diverse identity in our community. Every person and their qualities are valued and respected regardless of gender, or any other factor that is not relevant to the work input of a skilled individual. There is fairness and equality in our organization, which should be given in all work communities.

We also provide opportunities for our crew members to develop in their work and advance their careers. The development of people in an organization is, of course, in everyone’s interest. Development motivates the individuals and gives them better means to perform their tasks, which ultimately makes the work more meaningful. From the employer’s point of view, a more competent and satisfied crew guarantees even better results and, in the long run, more satisfied customers. We are currently enabling our officers to take a deep leadership course from which they themselves felt they would benefit from in the future. This also has a positive impact on the entire crew within the company, and the organization itself.

The connection between competence and safety culture

A skilled crew also guarantees a safe working environment. RABN invests in educated crew, and the company has precise regulations and processes that are monitored, and no unnecessary risks are taken onboard our vessels. This is how we maintain a strong safety culture that keeps our crew safe. Safe operations translate into reliable service for our customers.

Digitalization helps people to work more efficiently

In the future, digitalization will provide seafarers with new tools and means for onboard operations. Our view is that digitalization will not replace people, but rather enable them to work more efficiently, and also streamline monotonous work tasks.

Digitization cannot replace the crew in terms of service, for example. The nature and requirements of the tasks can vary greatly, and this requires the ability of a skilled person to design and apply in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

The huge toolkit offered by digitalization enables not only smoother and more efficient work, but also unique development opportunities for the individual. This, in turn, drives development and growth throughout the organization, and on a large scale it is also reflected in the development of the entire industry.

However, responsibility plays a key role in harnessing technology, and it is ultimately the person who is responsible for everything.

Making our own seafarers’ voices heard

At RABN, we’ve always emphasized the importance of collaboration within our organization. In honor of World Maritime Day and the topic of the well-being of seafarers, we want to highlight the voices of our crewmembers.

“It feels good to be appreciated. Johan and Antti have always been a bit more than employers”, says Einar Kotka, captain of m/v Marilie.

“Working at RABN is rewarding because the company offers great possibilities to advance in one’s career. That said, climbing up the stairs requires, of course, a motivated attitude and energetic way of doing things, but if you do the effort there shouldn’t be any hindrances,” comments Ida Pesonen, chief officer of m/v Baltic Amelie.

Only with our skillful and talented crewmembers are we able to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations, which is why we make sure to enable individuals to learn, grow and develop. “RABN’s service is the sum of our people, which is why we aim to elevate them to the highest level possible” CEO Antti states.