The Baltic Sea Day – let’s take care of our waters

Today, August 26, 2021, we are celebrating Baltic Sea Day, when we want to spread information about the serious situation in the Baltic Sea together with other participants and do our part for the sake of the well-being of the Baltic Sea.

We feel that we have a responsibility to remind our crew of this issue and encourage them to continue to act in a sustainable manner. Responsible actions and actual change start with even small, environmentally friendly choices, all the way from example eating habits, and all of these choices have a positive impact on the well-being of the Baltic Sea.

RABN participates in the Baltic Sea Day with the Baltic Sea Menu that is prepared by our own chefs onboard and is inspired by the marthas. The lunch meal consists of and focuses on raw materials favorable to the Baltic Sea, and the production and multiplier effects of those ingredients strain our beloved sea as little as possible.

The Baltic Sea is the most important trading area for us. In addition to being important to our livelihood, the Baltic Sea is of great importance to the lives of many of us also in our spare time. We want to make sure that the sea where we work, swim, boat, fish, spend our summers and enjoy even in the winter frosts, remains clean and protected.

Our deepest goal in participating in the Baltic Sea Day is to set an example for our crew and also outside our community – people close to us and those who follow us. We want to lead the way in how we treat the Baltic Sea ourselves. The menu itself is a small act, but when each of us as an individual are doing these small deeds, the impact of all of those deeds together is great and meaningful. 

Baltic Sea Day action is just one thing we can do for our environment. “We have started systematic work to take environmental issues into account in our daily operations,” Antti promises. We will tell you more on that later.