RABN and its fleet is ISO 14001 certified!

Back in 2017 we jotted down an initial meeting memo regarding an ambitious environmental management system. It took a while to create, implement, and audit such a system – but now at last, we’ve reached our milestone.

By adapting systemized tasks, we aim to reduce and manage the adverse environmental impacts of our operations more effectively, and to commit to the principle of continuous improvement.

It is our task as a responsible employer to maintain and improve the environmental awareness of our crew. As with many things, the way to remarkable improvements starts with small steps.

Environmental responsibility is something our company is seriously committed to. We do believe that the sustainable way is the right way to operate. By taking care of the environment we operate in, we hope to leave as many opportunities as we have had, if not more, for our children and future generations.

Our aim is to constantly improve our activities to be a one step ahead, always aiming to raise the bar in anything we do. This certification of our environmental management system is true proof that we are heading in the right direction.

We are proud to announce that RABN and its fleet is now certified according to ISO 14001. We hope that this certification communicates our responsible attitude towards the environment to our stakeholders, clients, and partners. Our view of the future is optimistic, and we strongly believe that this step will in the long run have a positive impact on our efficiency, and overall environmental awareness of us, our crew, and anyone we interact with.